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Increased Insulation Needs Increased Ventilation

Latest statistics reveal that in Scotland alone, 10% of homes suffer from damp and condensation, damaging the building fabric- and occupant health. The potential expense of replacing wood joists etc that have rotted and sodden insulation could be significantly reduced by the nominal cost of installing preventive measures- roof vents.

Leading roof ventilation expert Glidevale maintains that allowing air in and out of a building’s roofspace is vital: with buildings becoming more energy efficient, the need to ensure a condensation-free loft has never been more important. Some 20% of the air entering a dwelling leaves via the roof with additional moisture load. The average household generates up to eight pints of water vapour a day, simply by bathing, cleaning, cooking etc. That moisture goes into the warm air, and rises, condensing when it hits colder surfaces in the roofspace.

Alun Price, Glidevale roof ventilation Product Manager, says, “Adequate ventilation in the roofspace helps minimize the variation between the outside temperature and the internal roofspace, and provides a passage for the internal moisture-laden air. The additional cost of installing a few roof vents when upgrading insulation is nominal compared to the long-term cost of having to replace the roof joists, and the replacement insulation because it has failed through moisture penetration.”

Glidevale slate and tile ventilators are purpose-designed to ventilate through the roof slope and form an integral part of the roof covering without adverse impact on its performance. They are supplied with an underlay opening protector, integral 4mm insect screen and throat or extension sleeve to meet all the design requirements of BS5250. In addition, they are deluge and driving rain resistant, and the only ventilators of their type to carry AA fire rating enabling unrestricted use. Uniquely, Glidevale offers a site survey service to give property managers a detailed review of what type and quantity of ventilation products are required for individual properties.

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